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When you choose Henderson Process Serving and Investigations, you choose a longterm partnership you can trust in.

Henderson Process Serving and Investigations is a husband and wife owned and operated firm based out of Austin, Texas. We offer process service Nationwide and private investigations throughout the entire state of Texas. We guarantee our utmost professionalism and persistence to deliver the timely results you need.

Texas State

Process Serving

Process Service

Professional and diligent service of subpoenas, writs, notices, and other legal documentation at a Nationwide level! Our professional Texas process servers are licensed, registered, and qualified to handle your paperwork throughout the entire United States. Let the experts at Henderson Process Serving and Investigations exceed your expectations with our quick turnaround and accurate work.

All serves are documented on body cam. Footage and photos available with each service.

Private Investigations

Private Investigations

Our Texas private investigators can assist in a wide range of situations. We specialize in child custody and infidelity investigations. We also offer skip tracing, bug sweeping, and phone sweeping. All evidence is gathered in accordance to Texas' rules and regulations to ensure that the evidence can be used in court. We offer our investigative services throughout the entire state of Texas.

Our investigators work with discretion and professionalism to get you the answers you seek.

Drug Testing

Mobile Drug Testing

A professional and experienced Texas private investigator will come to you to collect urine and other samples to determine if a person of interest is actively using drugs. Our tests are accurate and will uncover the truth. We offer our services to employers, businesses, and individuals seeking answers.

Texas Notary

Mobile Notary

Our trained staff is able to provide notarization services, meaning that we can certify signatures on legal documents so that they are legally binding. By notarizing your documents and contracts, you help ensure their validity and protect yourself from any false claims. Additionally, we are mobile, meaning we come to you!



To help support your claim in court or to provide you peace of mind, we offer surveillance services to find the evidence you need. We are discrete so our evidence collection is complete and accurate. We provide photographic evidence so your claim is supported.

Body cam footage and photos available with each service.

Texas Courthouse

Nationwide Process Service

We can get your papers served quickly throughout the entire United States. The case needs to be filed in Texas.

Texas Private Investigators

Our investigative services expand throughout all of Texas. Whether you need an investigator in Austin or across the state, our team will gather the evidence you need for your case.

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